Protecting Human Rights in Canada

Canadians take great pride in the fact that they live in a fundamentally safe and peaceful nation. A nation where their rights are protected from regressive ideological ideals and the politics of fear. Canada must continue to establish itself as a global leader that prioritizes and protects human rights not only at home, but also for those facing oppression and discrimination around the world.

Canada must continue to protect our most vulnerable citizens and ensure that everyone has access to quality social programs, ample amounts of food, and clean drinking water. We must continue to fight for the rights of all peoples, especially minorities and disadvantaged groups at home and around the world. This can only be done if we support both the letter and the spirit of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and rely on these beliefs to to strengthen the rights of Canadians, and to use them to guide our foreign policy and determine who we partner with at the global level.

We believe that Canada should take a greater role in promoting equality among people around the world. We have an obligation to share out wealth with the poor and vulnerable, regardless of borders. We must come to the aid of those suffering from persecution and genocide, and fight for the human rights of all people. We must focus on peace building and peace keeping for our armed forces, and only take part in United Nations mandated interventions. The world needs Canada to be an inspiring example of equality and support, and we must consider ourselves a global leader for solidarity around the world.

Supporting human rights requires more than just vocalizing support. It must be reflected in our social policies and programs at home, as well as represented in our trade agreements with other like-minded nations around the world. The protection of the rights of Canadians and people around the world must simply be prioritized over economic opportunities with nations that do not respect the human rights of their citizens.

Standing up for human rights and economic prosperity do not need to be in conflict with each other. They have the ability to depend on each other for creating a fair and economically stable world where no person is left behind.

Canada’s leadership role in the world as a staunch defender of human rights needs to go beyond words; it must be reflected in our global policy.

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