Our Canada

At Bold Canadian we envision a Canada that is the shining example of what it means to be a global citizen in today’s world. Canada must continue to establish itself as a global leader that prioritizes and protects Human Rights not only at home, but also abroad. This vision of a Canada requires the marriage of equality and economic well being. Canada has the opportunity to be seen as the global example that focusing on sustainability and prosperity are not in conflict with each other, but rather depend on each other for creating a fair and economically stable world where no person is left behind.

Within our borders, Canada must ensure that we are prioritizing policy and programs that allow for every Canadian to reach their full potential. This can only be achieved by ensuring that we are protecting our most vulnerable citizens and ensuring that everyone in Canada has access to quality social programs. We must keep our communities safe and secure, and retain our focus on strengthening and promoting public health care, often seen as a fundamental representation of what our country stands for. We must continue to embrace multiculturalism, and acknowledge that there are many ways of being a Canadian. We must embrace immigration and provide support for refugees fleeing uninhabitable situations around the world.

Canada must also continue to be a leader and strong proponent for democracy, and ensure that its government focuses on an inclusive and fair Canada that truly represents the expression of its citizens. This means repairing our current electoral system – potentially moving to proportional representation for future federal elections – as well as evaluating the necessity of the unelected Senate.

Canada has a responsibility to uphold and fight for the rights of all peoples, especially minorities and disadvantaged groups both at home and around the world. Canada must support both the letter and the spirit of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and utilize these beliefs to strengthen not just the human rights of Canadian citizens,  but also rely on them to guide our foreign policy and determine how and who we partner with at the global level.

We believe that Canada should aspire to promote equality among people around the world. We have an obligation to share our wealth with the poor and vulnerable, regardless of borders. We must come to the aid of those suffering from persecution and genocide, and fight for the human rights of all people. We must focus on peace building and peace keeping for our armed forces, and only take part in United Nations mandated interventions. The world needs Canada to be an inspiring example of equality and support, and we must consider ourselves a global leader for solidarity around the world.

Finally, Canada must be at the front line of tackling climate change. We must be seen as a leader for reshaping energy policy for the 21st century, and this can only be achieved if we move away from fossil-fuel dependence and towards a green energy future. Developing green energy industries is an opportunity for a dynamic new era of job creation, but we must at the the same time ensure that we are providing substantive support and training to workers that will be affected by the transition to a cleaner energy economy. We must take leadership internationally to prevent further environmental damage to the planet, and this must include demanding environmental standards in all trade agreements that we are a part of.

The world needs a strong Canadian example more than ever.

This is our vision at Bold Canadian. Together, WE CAN build a better and more inclusive Canada.